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Dandruff? Switch to Ayurveda

Dandruff – This term has become one of the commonly discussed term or condition with all working age groups today. One of the surveys says that working women and men with in the age group of 20-40 spends as much as 50-100 US $ a month to tackle this issue.

Dandruff is a skin disorders affects the scalp skin. It is characterized by itching scalp with falling of dry white flakes. It is clinically termed as Seborrheic dermatitis, where the sebaceous glands are affected and leads to excessive itchy scalp with high amounts of scales. Dandruff is one of the primary causes for hair fall and early baldness or patchy baldness.

Common causes
a. Hygiene
b. Stress and depression
c. Water and hard shampoo
d. Cold condition and higher hot conditions
e. Excessive intake of salty, spicy, sour, non vegetarian foods and drinks
Understand your Dandruff

1. Understand the allergies. Most of the cases allergic foods lead to Dandruff. Reduce intake milk, curd, butter, cheese, salted, spicy foods and drinks helps.
2. Diabetes usually related to Dandruff and itchy scalp. Check for Diabetes or maintain your blood sugar.
3. Many of the Indians are unaware of food allergies. Many surveys shows that people who are allergic to yeast, bread or backed foods, cheese, vinegar added foods and alcoholic beverages have more prone for dandruff. Avoiding such foods and drinks in diet heals them physiologically.
4. Check the water and shampoo. Most of the times, these two create a false Dandruff.
5. Alcohol can lead to Dandruff. Reduce the alcohol intake.
6. Reduced blood circulation can leads to sluggishness which in turn leads to itch and dandruff. Gentle oil massages can help resolving this issue.
7. Stress and depression are directly connected to itching which in turn leads to excessive scale formation
8. Consult a Physician to different diagnose weather it is just dandruff or psoriasis as most of the times both misunderstood.

Ayurveda remedies for Dandruff
a. Ayurveda texts recommend Sandalwood oil mixture with fresh lemon juice as scalp massage followed by warm water wash. This helps to improve the blood circulation and dead skin.
b. Ayurveda recommends a special therapy for Dandruff – “Shirolepa” which means head pack. Simple head pack with fresh Amla paste is very effective to reduce and prevent Dandruff. This also helps improving hair growth.
c. Application of water over night soaked Fenu Greek seeds as pack does help bringing the normalcy in no time.
d. One of the most effective and highly practiced home remedy is application of fresh Aloe Vera gel. Even today most of the Villagers do practice it for healthy scalp and hair.
e. Many Chinese tribal practitioners recommend fresh ginger processed olive oil before bath as day to day practice for prevention and to improve hair growth.

Ayurveda medicines like Dhoor doora patradi coconut oil, Karkunthal, Eladi coconut oil etc are very effective to improve the scalp health. In chronic conditions medicines like Khadira Arishtam, Loha asavam, Chandana asavam, Gandhaka Rasayanam, Bakuchi capsules, Keshmani Capsules, Haridra Kanda Choornam etc are prescribed.

Ayurveda medicines and therapies with changes in the lifestyle and food habits can cure this problem permanently. The results may be slow but it is without any side effects and permanent. Instead of using chemical based products for symptomatic relief, better use natural home remedies for prevention and easy permanent cure. 

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